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Andreas Stihl (Pty) Ltd

11 Barnsley Road 
Camps Drift 
South Africa

Tel.: 033 846 3800

Limited Company (Ltd.) with office in Pietermaritzburg, Company reg number 1996/010571/07

Personally liable shareholders: Hans Peter Stihl and STIHL AG with office in Waiblingen, HRB 263722, Amtsgericht Stuttgart

The executive board of STIHL AG is authorized to represent STIHL AG

Dr. Bertram Kandziora, Chairman of the Executive Board
Karl Angler, Head of Finance and Information Systems
Anke Kleinschmit, Head of Development
Norbert Pick, Head of Marketing and Sales
Dr. Michael Prochaska, Head of Human Ressources and Legal Affairs
Martin Schwarz, Head of Manufacturing and Materials

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of STIHL AG: Dr. Nikolas Stihl

VAT number: 1230160444